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Memento Given By Jain Hostel

On November 2010,when I was in Amrawati,I went to my past Jain Hostel, I presented all my work as a AYURVEDA CONSULTANT to the incharge sir..

My Thesis Published

This is my article(By order of presence of Dohas in Nadi) published in SACHITRA AYURVEDA MAGAZINE..

Award Videos

A few Videos of my Award Ceremony

Case of Mrs. Dafe Treated

She was having problem of polycystic ovary, because of which she was not getting pregnant. She is from Sharjaha.she has consulted in Sharjaha Corniche Hospital,but she didnot got relief

Rajiv Gandhi Award

As per the organisation,Global Achievers Foundation & HEDA, New Delhi, I got Rajiv Gandhi Award for meritorius accomplishments in diverse fields of activities (AYURVEDA PRACTICE)