Mr.Aashish Jain, he has chronic pain in left knee joint,which he got after accident, and has been wearing kneecap form 1 yr.,as he consulted a local orthopaedic surgeon,he has been advised as having cartilage injury in the knee joint & needs operation costing 35,000 with 1 month bedrest.As he consult me ,I assured him for recovery & started ayurveda panchkarma treatment, in plain words I want to tell that after 8 days of treatment,he can jumps,run & can do all the things which one youngeman can do.Rest It will be better to listen his videoclip & his letter, even you can contact him on his number……..This young man is smilling & enjoying the life just because of AYURVEDA, I am just applying & doing the treatment by the basic consept of AYURVEDA…………Vaidhya

Rajeshsingh H. Thakur……………..